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Swede Insists His Pointing & Shouting Was At Ref

Some may have thought Seb Larsson's outburst having been substituted in the cup final was aimed at Poyet. It wasn't.

Jamie McDonald

When not flicking his hair about and generally looking bloody gorgeous, Seb Larsson does love a fair bit of pointing and shouting at things. It's probably his favorite thing to do nowadays since he gave up on scoring freekicks when Martin O'Neill left (we jest).

So when Sunderland fans saw the Swede unleash some furious shouting and pointing at the time he was substituted during Sunday's Capital One Cup Final, some untrained eyes may have believed it was at Poyet for bringing him off having had a fine game to that point.

Today the sublime Swede told reporters that this was not the case;

You're never happy to be replaced, but I was angry at the referee. I was frustrated because we should have had a free-kick just before the equaliser.

Then City score a second goal and the frustration spills over a little bit.

So that clears that up. I don't think I've come across any Sunderland fan incensed by Larsson's actions. It seems little more than his usual pointing and shouting routine which he does so well and so often.

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