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Poyet As Stuck As Ever On Passing Philosophy

Tactics, philosophies, yadda yadda yadda

Alex Livesey

Gus Poyet still intends to make Sunderland pass their way to survival despite the ever greater threat of relegation.

The Uruguayan changed his system to a creative 3-5-2 and then a 3-4-2-1 at Liverpool in midweek, prompting suggestions that Poyet may be wavering slightly in his principles, but that's far from the case according to his assistant.

Charlie Oatway told reporters:

You will never change Gus. He sees the common sense in football and how it's played, and the rights and wrongs, and that's for our team as well as anyone else. As far as he is concerned, and the way he sets up, he feels and wants to win every game.

We need to make sure we get the results, that goes without saying. But the philosophy of how we want to play and how we do play I don't think is going to change that much.

We could say we are going to change it against West Ham, we are going to play 11 players who we feel can get the ball forward and get it into the box. But we haven't got that and we would lose against West Ham so we can't do that, we have to do what we are good at.

Well, that's kinda nice to know. I'm almost sick of talking about tactics and passing and options etc. now.


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