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Wise Men Say Podcast: Episode 31 - Put Vergini In A Bottle And Never Rub Until He's Free

Wise Men Say time. Download or listen right here as we talk Liverpool and West Ham. If you're red 'n white, get among it.

Chris Brunskill

So we managed to escape the trip to Anfield relatively unscathed. We're back to being plucky losers again it seems. When Sunderland start losing games it give us something to moan about on the pod, and allows us to present our own personal theories in the form of suggested flaws in systems or formations. When a manager rips it up like Gus did the other night, it's pure gold for us podcasters.

As is an individual performance like the one Santiago Vergini put in. We go fairly easy considering.

Three center halves? TWO upfront? Cattermole AND Bridcutt sitting in deep midfield roles? I could go on and on but you get the picture. He surely can't contemplate doing the same against the one man attack of West Ham though, can he? There's an argument for and against it, sort of. Nigel Kahn, who has his own site mywhufc, reminded us all why Premier League survival isn't the be all and end all if you have a manager you despise. Despise is a strong word, you may think, but Nigel really, really, really despises him.

We have a good chat about that.

Joining us in the studio to talk about the hods of stuff we have to get through is Richard Mason from the Northern Echo and assistant editor of A Love Supreme, Chris Thompson. We actually had a 'gid laugh' recording this week's show, though I can't promise that translates into the content of the pod. This may seem like irrelevant information, but I guess I'm just happy that we weren't all as downbeat as Sunderland's results suggest we should have been.

If you're of red 'n white persuasion, get among it, you can listen below or Subscribe here

By the way, if you aren't aware of Christina Aguilera's debut single then this week's podcast title may be a bit lost on you.

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