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Poyet Explains Wickham Recall

Just what was Poyet's thinking behind bringing Wickham back?

Chris Brunskill

Connor Wickham has had his loan spell at Leeds cut short as Gus Poyet believes he could provide the 'bang' to fire Sunderland to safety.

With Fabio Borini ineligible for the trip to Liverpool and Jozy Altidore looking about as useful as a red light on Grand Theft Auto, Wickham is in line for a chance to impress. Poyet explained:

We need something to happen and I need to find that season-changing moment. I have to find that. It could be Connor Wickham because there is a big possibility he will start.

I'm not going to judge him in this game if he plays. I'm not mad enough to say 'You played against Liverpool and didn't score, so I'm not going to play you anymore.' It's about searching for a solution.

He's going to get a great chance now. I would like Connor to look at this as though we have just signed him for the first time.

He is a new player, nobody knows him and he is a young English striker with incredible power. He's coming to a club to help us to get away from relegation. If he has that impact, that will be fantastic. That will be the 'bang' we need.

Read what you want into it really. To me, rather than a big show of faith in Wickham, it reads more like the very end of Poyet's patience with Altidore.

Either way, go make yourself a legend, Connor lad!

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