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Wise Men Say: Time To Dispense With The Flops, Regardless Of Survival

It's getting to a critical stage now. As a result, expect an bumper dose of moaning on this week's Wise Men Say podcast. If you can't wait until Thursday to hear me twist, then read on...

Look at John O'Shea in that photograph. That's just about the way most Sunderland supporters feel most weeks. How can we once again go into a big game like Saturday's and not perform? How can we go toe to toe with Manchester City at Wembley, just three and a half weeks ago, then turn in abject performances against our relegation rivals? Beats me. I'm sure Gus is scratching his head too. After the Hull mess and our inability to capitalise in the league, that trip to Wembley seems like a lifetime ago.

For the last few seasons, we seem to have made the same mistakes over and over again. Once more we'll go into the summer and there'll be big changes again. Regardless of which division we're in. To be honest, I'll be absolutely delighted to see the back of most of them.

Before I continue, I would say I'd like to thank this group for getting rid of Paolo Di Canio. That's probably the team's most positive result of the season.

But, I'm sick and tired of seeing the same players con manager after manager into thinking they might be half decent. Results over the last few seasons prove the majority of these players just aren't good enough. Yet they get chance after chance after chance. They give you the impression they're capable, then churn in disgusting performances with infuriating regularity.

Now Gus Poyet seems like a clever guy. If these players somehow manage to pull a few results out of the bag on the days that they fancy it and keep us in the Premier League, then great. But I can honestly say I won't be fooled any longer. The time has come to dispense with the majority of this shower. I know a lot of these lads gave me the opportunity to experience the best day of my life as a Sunderland supporter, but was the day so great because we're so used to them being garbage? Turning up once in a lifetime shouldn't excuse the plethora of depressing Saturday's gifted to me by this lot.

I'd say any of the squad are vulnerable. I think only Vito Mannone is safe at the moment. Even players like Adam Johnson, John O'Shea and, to a greater extent, Steven Fletcher may come under scrutiny come the summer. Yes, they're decent on their day, but just how often does that day come? Even if we somehow win at Anfield tonight I will not be fooled any longer. I'll enjoy it, of course. It would be one of the most memorable results we've had in our recent history. But it won't change the way I feel about the vast majority of this lukewarm group.

Anyway, I need to save some of my twisting for tomorrow. Joining Goldy and myself this week is The Northern Echo's Richard Mason and Chris Thompson from A Love Supreme. Hopefully we don't get a tanking to bring the mood down even further. If you can bare to listen, do subscribe HERE.

Or listen to it directly on Roker Report on Friday.

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