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Youngster In Line For Anfield Chance

It's Connor time... again...

Connor Wickham may be given his chance to solve Sunderland's goalscoring woes when the Black cats travel to Liverpool this week.

The youngster was recalled from a loan spell at Leeds - where he has mostly been playing in the left wing position similar to that which the ineligible Fabio Borini has been filling this season - but it appears the move is not simply to provide cover.

Gus Poyet told reporters:

We've been trying different things, different situations.

Fabio is not available tomorrow, so I'm going to keep trying different things. Connor is an option.

I can't keep closing my eyes, keep picking the team until the end of the season and think why didn't I try that.

It's my job to keep searching for the solution and then you know you've done everything.

Is it a move born of sheer desperation or is there some genuine contribution that Wickham can make here? I'll be honest and say I haven't got a clue.

For all Wickham is a player who prompts more opinion than most - and often stronger opinion than most - I think he remains a near-total mystery to us. How much can you learn about a player who has never been granted a sustained run in the side?

I know that circumstances have made it difficult to blood youngsters. It's tough to have principles and long-term goals when the short-term is so perilous. Wickham probably hasn't done himself any favours either with his attitude.

But there is going to come a time when a Sunderland manager, any Sunderland manager, has to properly commit to the potential that Wickham has. Of course, if he comes in, makes an instant impact and bangs in a couple of goals, that would make it a lot easier!

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