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Those Who Lack Desire Must Be Given The Boot, Now

Seb Larsson's admission that some of his teammates lacked the desire to win against Norwich has to be sorted out immediately.

This weekend's defeat against Norwich, more than most our "must win" games of late, really felt like a kick in the bollocks with the manner of the defeat.

Well at least things couldn't get much worse and we can "look forward" to yet another farce against Liverpool in the midweek.

When Seb Larsson came out and questioned his own and his teammates desire to win against Norwich however, it was a further kick to the groin region that nobody really expected.

We didn't show we wanted it enough. It sounds bad, but I think Norwich wanted it more than us.

It came down to desire. At this stage of the season, if you don't have the desire to do what is needed to pick up points, you're going to struggle.

Which in no uncertain terms is absolutely diabolical to hear. Everyone and their dog knew not only was it a "must win" game, but at worst a "must not lose" game following a another slip-up in the previous game against Crystal Palace.

And with all due respect to those who conquered us on Saturday, Norwich are no great shakes. We could if we had the balls or the bottle come away with at least a point.

I'm absolutely at a loss at how this set of players have once again failed to see that we have to win games and seem to exist in some weird parallel universe where things aren't that bad. That things will turn around eventually as if by magic without having to put much effort in.

Heated talks in the dressing room mean absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things, and by no means is everything just alright now that that has happened.

Well at least they realise? Too little, too late. Chances have been blown time and time again. If we go down this season it won't be the likely heavy defeat we suffer this midweek against Liverpool, it's going to be Crystal Palace home and away, Aston Villa at home, Norwich home and away, Hull home and away where we've collected a grand total of two points.

Time is running out for our Premier League survival, and even more so for those Larsson discusses. If they can't see the problem at hand, and can't even bother themselves to do anything about it then I don't know why you, me or anyone else should even bother?

It's all well and good saying these things, but the time for talking ended quite some time ago. I'm not jumping straight to the theory of "we're down, play all the kids", but I'd hope Gus Poyet can identify as of now who is in the same boat as Larsson and doesn't seem to realise the gravity of the situation, because I'd much rather play some kids than those who can't see past the end of the many zeroes on their pay cheque.

It may mean two, three or four new people coming in who will relish the opportunity, show a bit of fight and determination and know that something needs to happen rather than hoping things change, then I'm all for it.

Admissions of failure can be tolerated. Defeat can be tolerated, as can a lack of ability to a degree. Not having desire to win though is simply unacceptable on every level. Caring and having the mentality to want to win is the very, very least that any supposed professional footballer can do.

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