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Wise Men Say Podcast: Episode 30 - More Than Must Win

It's that time again to download or stream the Wise Men Say podcast. If you're of red 'n white persuasion then get amongst it!

We're all sick to death of these 'must win' games, right? If both teams need to win the same game then it's a must, must win game. But when you have the Friendly Cup to play for!!! Well, that's just something else altogether.

There doesn't seem an overwhelming sense of panic like there was building up to the Palace game last week. Maybe the fans dread turning up for home games as the players clearly do and are therefore simply indifferent about it all, considering most won't actually be there in person.

Those who are there may have a parade of Norwich legends to look forward to, as old Canary players are ushered around Carriage Carrow Road in front of the home faithful, armed with those happy clapper thingymebobs. That's what our Norwich guest Gary Owers Gowers told us is likely to happen on Saturday, such is the importance of the game and the desire to get the fans onside. She's a master of motivation is Delia.

Craig Clark turned up representing Roker Report and told us how he wants Gus Poyet sacking. He didn't really, but there was definitely something he said that made me joke about it, I think. I'm sure there was. I know, have a listen and see.

Damian Spellman from the Press Association dropped by for his second appearance on the podcast and addressed himself as a dinosaur, such is his fondness for a good old fashioned 442. There must be around 30'00 of our extinct friends turn up at the Stadium Of Light every week then. There was probably a joke about Jurassic Park in there somewhere worth writing. Meh.

So, we discuss why we couldn't beat Palace, why we should have a better chance to beat Norwich, and lots of theories and suggestions about how we shoehorn Fabio Borini into that striker's position. PLAY HIM DOWN THE MIDDLE, GUS!!!

You can subscribe to this beautiful podcast goodness (HERE) or simply listen below. If you're a first time listener, you'll probably do both. Enjoy.

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