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Italian Still Part Of Poyet's Plans

Emanuele Giaccherini hasn't been forgotten about, says Gus Poyet.

Richard Sellers

Emanuele Giaccherini. Remember him? Little fella, Italian, supposedly a big-time signing in the summer? Yeah, that one. He scored against Arsenal. Well he's still on Gus Poyet's radar according to the man himself.

Speaking today Poyet said of Giaccherini;

People will ask why Giaccherini wasn't even on the bench (against Palace); he's an Italian international and I know, it hurts.

I need him. Maybe he doesn't believe me, but I need him, because now if Fletch (Steven Fletcher) is not available then maybe we will need Giacchi there.

And then he needs to help us, and I'm sure he will because he's a great professional.

He will be sad because he will probably think it was an opportunity lost for him, but we will need everybody.

Which in all honesty comes across as "you weren't part of the plan, but I'm getting desperate now" to me. I certainly do think Giaccherini should be brought in. At the end of the day, what worse could he do? Getting him in the front three alongside Adam Johnson and Fabio Borini might prove to be fruitful if we tried it.

It's what I expect we will do going forward now Fletcher is out of the picture. Hopefully Giaccherini returns to the side with a point to prove rather than being disheartened by recent snubs.

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