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Report: Poyet Assured His Job Is Safe Despite Season End

It's good news for Gus fans.

Ian Horrocks

Gus Poyet will be entrusted with reshaping Sunderland's squad and future regardless of which division the club is playing in next season, according to a report in The Telegraph.

The Uruguayan has made a very positive impression on supporters since arriving in October and Ellis Short has been similarly impressed. Although relegation does remain a possibility, it appeared to be a downright certainty when Poyet was appointed.

He has also delivered a first major cup final appearance in 22 years, two derby wins, and victories over Manchester City, Manchester United and Chelsea. It's not too bad considering the situation he inherited.

I personally think the club should be doing all it can to ensure Poyet's future is on Wearside. It's not so much a vehemently pro-Poyet stance on my part - though I have been impressed by him - but more a generally desperate plea for some kind of stability and continuity. I am not sure I have the energy to just start all over - again. I'm not sure the club has either.

Moreover, Poyet seems to be the first manager at Sunderland in a very long time with some kind of actual plan and identity in mind. I may not agree with him on everything that he is doing (I never will with any manager), but when I turn up for the game I know what I can expect to see from the side. That hasn't been the case for many a year.

I think, regardless of how the rest of the season pans out, it's going to be another really hectic summer at the club. At least it's never boring.

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