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City & West Brom Rearranged

The games against Manchester City & West Bromwich Albion have been rearranged.

Jan Kruger

Sunderland's clashes against Manchester City and West Browmich Albion have finally been rearranged.

The game against our Capital One Cup Final opponents, Manchester City, fell foul of some awful weather conditions previously, and has now been rearranged for Wednesday April 16th with a 7:45pm kick off.

All original tickets for this fixture remain valid. If you can't make the new date and time, contact the ticket office.

Meanwhile the home game with West Bromwich Albion, which would have been played had we not been in the fore mentioned Cup Final, has now been rescheduled for the final week of the season.

The game will now take place on Wednesday 7th May, with a 7:45pm kick off.

It makes for a fascinating and nail biting finish to the Barclays Premier League, with two games at home to close out the season against the Baggies and Swansea City on the final day of the season.

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