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Wise Men Say Podcast: Episode 29 - Holden Out For Some Heroes

Within a week, SAFC have gone from heroes to villains. Why not download or stream the latest Wise Men Say podcast to find out what they think about it all? Might as well, hew.

Matthew Lewis

Meltdown. Meltdown. Meltdown. I don't care how cliched that word is, or whether you judge it as some sort of unimaginative and overused piece of modern lingo, there was a meltdown amongst the Sunderland supporting community after our defeat to Hull.

I'll point out pretty hastily that I'm only speaking on behalf of 50% of the WMS podcast here, mind you. Conflicting opinions between myself and Gareth Barker are relatively rare, but they were regarding team selections in the wake of us being mauled by the tigers on Sunday evening and that's why I was looking forward to this particular podcast all week. Every defeat has a silver lining, I suppose.

As it happens, we didn't clash too much or engage in any sort of unnecessary confrontation. As logical people (kind of) I guess that rationality based on reflection was always likely to prevail. Maybe we should get on the blower to Adrian Durham et al at Talksport to see how you can effectively shout and disagree for the hell of it; all in the misunderstanding that it's somehow entertaining.

Luke Ball last came on the show not long after his Dad's most recent spell as caretaker manager, something that dictated a lot of the content and questioning at that time. Luckily for him, and you, we afforded him the freedom of speaking about other current affairs at SAFC on this occasion. Let's see what he thinks about meltdowns.

Also, our very own Nick Holden joined us on the phone, armed with his pronounced Somerset accent and silky Southern sophistication. Another one off the RR list. David Boyle will make it one day, I'm sure of it.

Jim Daly from the Five Year Plan fanzine/blog/podcast was our Crystal Palace contact this week. Come to think of it, he had Gareth guest on theirs in the corresponding fixture. No request this time, I believe. Cheeky mare.

Reet, get listening on iTunes (HERE) or just used the SoundCloud Player below to listen...

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