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Roker Riches: Bets And Tips For Crunch Palace Clash

Sunderland take on Crystal Palace this week in a massive, massive game that will reverberate all around Sunderland and whichever part of London Crystal Palace are based. Here's where we're placing our bets (expect lots of low-scoring picks).

Mike Hewitt
Pundit Last Week's Profit/Loss Current Balance
Stephen Goldsmith N/A £69.00
Luke Bowley -£13.00 £66.66
Simon Walsh -£4.00 £65.00
Dave Boyle N/A £25.00
Nick Holden N/A £7.62
Karl Jones N/A £0
Craig Clark -£7.00 -£6.70

All those that placed bets last week did pretty terribly. So terribly in fact that Stephen Goldsmith now has the lead by virtue of not putting any one, the sly, tactical bastard. His trust in his opponents lack of footballing knowledge is admirable; the lad has done his research. Anyway, onto this weeks betting:

Simon Walsh

Seems this week is crunch on the pitch and for my bank balance, and to be honest I'm worried about both in equal measure.

In our game against Crystal Palace I can see it going in every direction, which leads me to no real answers on what I think will happen in regards to wins and losses. I'm just going to go for over 2.5 goals in the game and leave it at that.

Elsewhere I'm going for a treble on the big boys -- Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool.

  • Sunderland vs Crystal Palace, Over 2.5 Goals - 27/20 - £5 Stake
  • Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool all to win - 10/1 - £2 Stake

David Boyle

In stark contrast to Simon's pick I can't see there being many goals on Saturday afternoon but can just about see Sunderland overcoming Crystal Palace. With that said, Sunderland to win and under 2.5 goals in the game looks to be a decent shout at around 3/1.

Elsewhere Swansea are available at evens to beat West Brom at home which is too tempting a price to miss in my opinion.

  • Sunderland to win and under 2.5 goals in the game - 3/1 - £5 Stake
  • Swansea to beat West Brom - evens - £5 Stake

Luke Bowley

Like Dave, I really can't see there being many goals in this one. Palace under Tony Pulis are solid at the back, and we aren't exactly fluid in attack and full of scoring chances. I hope I'm wrong, but it's very very likely this will be one of the most miserable games of the season. Tight, nervy and probably decided by one goal either way. It'll be awful, and anyone looking forward to it has some kind of serious, disturbing, sexual perversion.

Elsewhere, Real Betis are bottom of the Spanish League, are apparently crap, and travel to Elche this weekend, who are well priced.

  • Sunderland Vs Crystal Palace: Under 1.5 goals - 2/1 - £3 stake
  • Elche to beat Real Betis - 11/8 - £10 stake

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