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Cup Final Coverage On Roker Report

What we're doing for the Cup Final tomorrow...

Jamie McDonald

Well the time has finally come for the Capital One cup final. Feels like it's been forever in the distance but here it is, staring us in the face.

Now then, I'm sure you'll be expecting some sort of level of service from us here at Roker Report. After all, that's what we're supposed to do -- provide coverage alongside news and opinion -- however this weekend will be different.

All our writers who can get to the game will be at the game. In fact the majority of us are making a weekend of it down in that London. What that means for the site is that on Sunday (and in fact for the rest of today too) you can expect nothing new on site.

These cup final thingys don't come around too often, and as primarily we're fans above anything else, we won't have any live commentary on Twitter or anywhere else during the game. Nor will we have any immediate reaction on site.

We will have a match report, player ratings, further thoughts and all all that good stuff online, but expect it Monday and Tuesday.

The good news is we intend on Tweeting as much as time and reception will allow. There's nine of us down there, and we'll be sure to share pictures, thoughts, anecdotes and stories on our handle, so please be sure to follow us @RokerReport.

Thanks for understanding, enjoy the game and ha'way the lads.

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