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VIDEO: 1985 League Cup Final - Amazing Sunderland Support

Cheer up lads and lasses, it's not all bad.

Matthew Lewis

Yeah, okay, so the Hull farce has us feeling a little down today. So how about a little pick-me-up?

Three weeks today, Sunderland fans will no doubt roar the lads to Wembley's very foundations in the League Cup final. It will be the club's first appearance in the final since 1985. We lost that day thanks to an own goal and a missed penalty (that's right, Sunderland have always been this stupid), but good lord did the fans in the ground do the club proud:

Times in football have definitely changed - Wembley itself has changed - but I'd still wager that, regardless of the result in three weeks, the fans will once again make it an incredibly proud day for the club.