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Wes Available For Wembley Despite Red Card Madness

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Prepare to breath a big sigh of relief... (We just like talking about Wembley, really)

Chris Brunskill

Wes Brown's red card against Hull won't cost him his chance to play at Wembley.

Following his brain-fart of a decision that saw him receive his marching orders just four minutes into the game, there was plenty of confusion about what the length of the defender's ban would actually be. Many were especially concerned that it would be a four-game ban, which would see him unavailable for the Capital One Cup final next month.

However, Brown will serve just a two-game suspension, with those two games being the league clash with Manchester City and the FA Cup fifth round game against Southampton.

Much of the confusion stemmed from a false perception of the disciplinary rules, with plenty of people believing that a straight red card is punishable by an automatic three-game ban.

That isn't the case though. Only violent conduct offences carry such a penalty, not all straight red cards. Brown's offence was 'denying a goalscoring opportunity'; the old 'professional foul' malarkey.

As such, he will serve one game for that, and an additional game for it being his second red card of the season.

So 'PHEW!!', basically. Moment of madness or not, he's still our best defender.