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Poyet Hopes Defensive Blunders Don't Cost Johnson

Adam Johnson deserves another shot to impress, urges Poyet.

Chris Brunskill

Adam Johnson should not have his England chances ruined by the idiots behind him. He didn't use those precise words, but that is pretty much the view of Gus Poyet it seems.

England manager Roy Hodgson was in the crowd to watch the in-form winger in action, but Wes Brown's bafflingly stupid red card in the fourth minute saw Johnson's role change and him struggling to make an impact with attacking options around him curtailed.

But Poyet hopes he gets further chances to impress:

Listen, I'm sure that Roy knows enough about football to realise that he needed to play in a different position because he was needed.

He tried his best, so maybe he will need to come back another day and see him play in a normal game.

Given Johnson's form, you'd hope he was already a shoe-in for the next England squad regardless, but I hope that Phil Bardsley and Brown are getting him a drink or something (not too big a drink, mind).

Grabbing the attention of Hodgson and earning a live audition in front of him was a great personal triumph, and it was pretty much stolen from him. Fingers crossed it doesn't cost him his chance.