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Sunderland Winger Can Flourish In Brazil, Says Gus

Adam Johnson has the style to thrive in the 2014 World Cup according to Gus Poyet.

After his sensational form for Sunderland led to Adam Johnson being named Barclays Premier League Player of the Month and got him back into the England reckoning, with Roy Hodgson coming to the Stadium of Light for today's match against Hull City, Gus Poyet has tipped the in-form winger to thrive at the upcoming World Cup.

According to Poyet, the hot and humid conditions will need someone to make a moment of magic, something that the Uruguayan feels will suit Johnson;

I don't know exactly how England will play in Brazil but you would imagine they will have to play a certain way because of the conditions and that should suit Adam's style.

If they play the way they will probably have to, I think Adam can do well. There will be moments where the game is flat and the tempo drops away, and that is where you need somebody to make something happen.

That bit of individual magic is something that Poyet believes has played a large part in Sunderland's up-turn in form;

That spark is what we were missing a few months ago but it is what Adam has provided for us. He has helped the whole thing come together here.

When you have such specific characteristics as Adam's you need the team to play one way.

He needs to be in a position where he can use his ability, which is the last third. He needs a situation where he can control the ball and attack defenders.

He's been working better when he plays on the right, I think Messi probably changed the world. Before every left-footer wanted to play on the left, now they want to play on the right.

Although Sunderland are now one of the form teams in the Premier League, Poyet is keen to make sure it continues, with the club not out of danger yet;

My challenge is to get safe, but we are not safe yet.

If Johnson does continue his current form in today's game against Steve Bruce's Hull, it will be hard to look past the home side taking all three points.