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Wise Men Say Podcast: Episode 24 - Cool Cat Colback

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It's time again (a little belatedly) to download or stream the finest SAFC podcast around.

Chris Brunskill

Where do we start with our praise for heroic Black Cats last weekend? Our Nazi Italian dreamboat Fabio Borini continues to impress, while our debutant Liam Bridcutt slotted into our midfield as easy a derby day victory. But who could argue that Jack Colback stole the show against the Mags? That loveable ginger Tynesider.

You know, come to think of it, Jack's had many mediocre and even rubbish games for the club yet I've not heard people suggest he should be super-volleyed out of the SR postcode because of his "Geordie roots". Funny, that.

That brings us on to Steve Bruce. To be honest, we're all too giddy about our recent run of form to pay him too much attention. He should try moving on too. He started it. Yes he did. Matt Rudd from Amber Nectar joined us lot in the studio to talk all things Hull. We should have asked him about that cringey "Mauled by the Tigers" craic. Damn!

And what a line up in the studio it was. Former Sunderland hero Martin Smith joined myself, Gareth Barker and Chris Thompson from ALS for a good owld chinwag. We also spoke to David Mooney from the Blue Moon podcast about next week's "dress rehearsal" for the League Cup final. Actually did you notice? Mooney - Blue Moon. Fancy that, eh?

So it's all there, Newcastle analysis, Hull and Man City previews and the Question Of The Week Returns. With awesome background music this week.

I'd plug the live pod right about now but I don't think there's any tickets left. 52'000 screaming Mackems 'n all that.

Suscribe to it on iTunes (HERE) or stream it and listen below.