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The Gus Table: What If The Season Started The Day Poyet Arrived?

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Just how big an impact has Poyet made on Sunderland?

Richard Sellers

Right, so Gus Poyet is brilliant. I think we all know and accept that. Obviously there is plenty of work still to be done before the end of the season, but a little pause to consider his impact at Sunderland can't hurt anyone.

We all know the tale. Club on its knees, one point from seven games, cut adrift, resigned to relegation etc etc etc. Then Gus Poyet arrives, gets the team to start doing innovative things like passing to each other and defending and stuff, and then we suddenly become decent.

The table is climbed, Wembley beckons, Adam Johnson starts being a football god - the season has been a tremendous journey.

But what if the season had started the day that Gus Poyet arrived? How would the Premier League be looking then? Well, here is the answer:


*Table provided by

Quite the stunning turnaround when displayed like this. It really highlights how many very poor sides there are down the bottom.

However, for me, the most striking statistic is that since Poyet was appointed Sunderland manager, only Arsenal have kept more clean sheets. For anyone who saw our defending at the start of the season, that pretty much defies belief.