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A Love Supreme Cup Final Special Out Now... Here's A Sneak Peak!

There's only a blooming A Love Supreme Cup Final Special out now, so get yourself to your nearest newsagents and grab a piece of history...

A Love Supreme issue 227 is out now, or as it's probably better known... A BLOODY CUP BLOODY FINAL SPECIAL!

Yes, we're all in the mood for celebrating, and the ridiculously good A Love Supreme has everything you need to read on the way down to Wembley. The perfect accompaniment to some cheesy chips and a bottle of blue. But what's inside? Well let us guide you through it...

There's a catch up with a cup hero in the form of Clive Walker, plus another interview with the legend Gary Bennett. There's also some cracking stuff on Liam Bridcutt, a tonne of gloating over our latest Mag bashing and of course our column, in which Luke Bowley talks about the cover-star, Phil Bardsley.

Oh and there's more. You better believe there's more. There's a great piece by Graeme Atkinson on how players can turn from villians to heroes in the blink of an eye... or a chant... either way, give the lads some support no matter what!

Clearly teams have to give the fans something to shout about. It cannot all be one way. Perhaps therein lies the problem. A balance must be struck between letting the team know they are not up to scratch while not wanting to shatter confidence to the detriment of players, the coach and the club in general. Supporters and the club should work together and to coin a phrase, be on the same page...

To read the rest you'll have to go buy a copy. Which you can online HERE or outside the ground against Hull this weekend and every game to be honest, home and away. Probably get a copy at Wembley too if you wanted, although I'd get on ein advance to have a poke through on the way down on one of ALS' busses.

Get your travel sorted, your reading sorted and some top clobber all online at the ALS shop today!