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Sunderland Can Surge Under Gus, Says Hoddle

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Are we trendy now? Wait, when did that happen?

Paul Thomas

Glenn Hoddle has been hugely impressed with what Gus Poyet has done with Sunderland and expects the club to 'surge' up the table, before going on to have a strong season next year.

The former England manager analysed the relegation battle for Bleacher Report, and insists he can see no way that Sunderland will drop come May. Quite the opposite, in fact. He said:

I can see them continue surging up the table.

I have been very impressed the way Gus has coped with the intense pressures, yet steered Sunderland out of relegation zone, and I don't think that's it. There is more to come from them.

Gus has coped with the pressures of a North East derby and rolled over Newcastle very impressively, and he has adapted his style of play, much the same way as he did at Brighton and very similar to the style at Everton and Swansea-building out of midfield, even away from home.

There is much more to come from Gus when he has the chance to bed down his Latin influences and a number of South American and European players he has brought in, plus more he intends to bring in during the summer.

I think we've only seen about 60 percent of what he intends to bring to Sunderland and I can see them doing very well next season.

This is all quite an odd feeling, having people actually saying nice things about us in the media. We seem to have suddenly become one of those very 'trendy' clubs who are seen as progressive whilst also playing commendable football.

It's bizarre, but it sure beats arguments over fascism and not being talked about at all because we were so boring.

I kind of agree with Hoddle too, which is an even odder feeling. Get through this season, and it's tough to not get excited about what Poyet can achieve here.