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Clever Striker Will Need Time

Gus Poyet has praised Nacho Scocco's quality but has warned that striker will need time to improve his fitness.

Despite injury concerns hanging over Steven Fletcher, Jozy Altidore struggling to find the back of the net despite his improved form and question marks over the future of Connor Wickham, Gus Poyet has warned that he will still have to take it slowly with January signing Nacho Scocco.

With the Brazilian season running from May to December, Scocco was in pre-season training (where was training alone, away from the rest of the team, after asking to leave the Brazilian club) with Internacional when he signed. Poyet made clear that although the player can make the difference, he will have to slowly ease him into the team due to that lack of fitness;

Scocco is a different one because he's got that quality to get between the lines,

We need to take it slowly with him because he's not played much.

He's coming from a pre-season in Brazil so he needs games.

So if I get the chance, I'm going to give him time.

We need to give him, football, football, football but we will manage him in a different way.

Obviously want him involved as soon as possible but his fitness is a factor though and his impact will be progressive.

Scocco officially signed a two-and-a-half year deal the day after the Stoke City game but watched the 1-0 win from the stands, a game Poyet wishes he could have had the Argentinian available for;

Last week against Stoke, when they only had 10 men, he would have been perfect,

We could have put him in there up front and made the difference, but unfortunately he wasn't there.

He's a clever, tricky player, good with the ball at his feet and he can be so dangerous on the attack.

Stoke would have been much more wary about coming out in the way they did and with him playing and Stoke stretched he could easily have got us a goal or set one up.

Sunderland's head coach decided against the striker having a run out in the under 21's 2-0 victory over Newcastle at the Stadium of Light on Monday but expect to see the Argentinian make his debut as an impact sub in the near future.