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Roker Riches: Looking For A Brucie Bonus

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Roker Riches is back after a couple of weeks away ahead of in-form Sunderland's game with Hull. Here's where our team are putting their money.

Tim Keeton
Pundit Last Week's Profit/Loss Current Balance
Simon Walsh N/A £82.00
Stephen Goldsmith -£13.00 £69.00
Luke Bowley £10.53 £65.16
Dave Boyle £0.77 £44.78
Nick Holden -£5.00 £13.62
Karl Jones N/A £0
Craig Clark £11.00 -£3.80

It's been a couple of weeks since our last edition, due to us being far too pissed on delirium and cheap two litre bottles of cider, the Roker Report writers drink of choice, but we're back for this weekend's game against Hull. Last time out, before our 2-2 draw with Southampton, there were a couple of decent wins.

Craig made a decent £11 profit predicting Aston Villa would get a result from Anfield, while I made some money on Fiorentina beating Catania. Onto this week's picks now:

Craig Clark

We're in form, Hull aren't, but they did give a good account of themselves against Spurs and can count themselves unlucky not to have won the game. More importantly than that, Steve Bruce looks like the pigeon lady from Home Alone 2. She was a resident of New York. Jozy Altidore used to play for New York Red Bulls. He also used to play for Hull City. He's going to score the winner for us against Hull this weekend.

Elsewhere, I fancy Palace and West Ham to either win or draw their games against West Brom and Aston Villa respectively.

  • Jozy Altidore to score first, Sunderland to win 1-0 - 30/1 - £1 stake
  • Crystal Palace and West Ham to win or draw - 13/10 - £5 stake

Simon Walsh

I fancy this to be the week we batter someone at home for what feels like the first time in an age. We're high on form and life at the moment and rubbing some salt on Steve Bruce's ham-like face would be a great continuation of the mood.

Much like Craig, I also think Jozy gets off his blocks this week, although I'm not confident enough to say he'll do it first. Maybe towards the end with Hull being desperate and Jozy icing the cake.

Elsewhere I fancy a quick little double on Aston Villa beating West Ham along with Bolton to beat Bournemouth.

  • Jozy Altidore to score any time in Sunderland 3-0 win - 25/1 - £2 Stake
  • Aston Villa and Bolton to win - 4/1 - £3 Stake

David Boyle

So, its the return of poor old Stevey Bruce, back to the scene of the most horrendous alleged crime the former Manchester United centre-half ever fell victim to, hounded out of Sunderland for being a Geordie. Seriously, it had nothing to do with dire results or uninspiring performances, honest... Delusional berk.

Sunderland are flying high at the moment and at 11/10 are fairly priced for a home win in my opinion.

Elsewhere I'm going to go with a bold treble of Premier League draws for Liverpool, Swansea and Spurs for a bumper price to round off my balance.

  • Sunderland to beat Hull Tigers - 11/10 - £13 Stake
  • Liverpool, Swansea and Spurs to draw - 45/1 - £1.78 Stake

Nick Holden

Like the others, I'm feeling pretty optimistic for this game. Hull are in really quite poor form, whilst we've been gaining more and more steam for a while now. Plus, we've now entered the months of the year when the wheels fly off pretty much every Steve Bruce campaign ever. I'm going to go for a nice, comfortable, professional victory to nil. Goals are no longer such a problem for us, whilst Hull continue to be a very low scoring side despite that anomalous evisceration of Fulham. Although Shane Long scored last week he is hardly a prolific striker so I wouldn't expect him to score two games running, whilst Nikica Jelavic was presented with a hat full of chances against Spurs and to absolute no-one's (apart from Steve Bruce's comic) surprise he missed the lot.

Elsewhere Alfred N'Diaye is 14/1 anytime goalscorer against Valencia, so the real question is why wouldn't you back the big man? (That's a rhetorical question, I have no interest in your doubting reasons).

  • Sunderland to beat Hull to nil - 5/2 - £5 stake
  • Alfred N'Diaye to score anytime vs. Valencia - 14/1 - £1 stake