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Stopper Proud To Be Part Of 'Amazing' Derby Experience

It must be almost incomprehensibly brilliant being Vito Mannone.

Laurence Griffiths

Sunderland goalkeeper Vito Mannone has hailed the whole Tyne-Wear derby experience, describing his side's 3-0 stuffing of their neighbours as 'amazing'.

Mannone was given his first taste of the fixture but was a virtual spectator at the o3 Arena, which must have been nice considering how often he has been required to win Sunderland points this season with his general incandescent smoldering splendor.

He told the official site:

It was amazing.

Few words can describe the feeling as we left the pitch, I'm so proud of what the team have done and I'm so proud of the fans, they deserve to be able to enjoy this victory, especially after the start we had to the season.

We need to stay focussed and continue doing what we are doing.

We're improving and we've more chances to progress and get better and although we've not achieved anything yet, finally we have a team who knows how to deal with each game and can handle the pressure they bring and go on and get important wins.

There isn't too much we can add really, is there? It was a memorable day for us all.

As an aside, it is much nicer covering players extol the importance of focus to continue a sustained run of good results than it was players issuing daily rallying calls promising to end bad ones.

We are very much in favour of this apparently new policy from the club.