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Poyet: Fans Would Take Cup Win Over Safety

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Gus Poyet thinks that Sunderland fans would sacrifice a place in the Premier League to win a cup. Well would you? Vote in our poll!

Jamie McDonald

Gus Poyet has stated that he believes that Sunderland fans would be more than happy to sacrifice their Premier League position in order to win one (or both!) of the cup competitions this season.

Of course it's not an either/or situation, we could win a cup and stay up which is obviously the preferable situation to everyone involved, however that's not what was asked of the Uruguayan.

In speaking with The Mirror Poyet said;

Do I feel what it means? Yes. I do. People keep telling me this in the street: The feeling of winning something is far beyond going down, spending two years in the Championship.

Why? You need to be here for 20 years and feel it like them. To not reach a final for 20 years, or not win one for more than 40. Only the people who have been here in the city supporting the club for so long really know.

Would you go along with what Poyet says? Would you be happy enough to give up on the Premier League for a cup victory? I have to admit that personally I'm quite torn on it.

Why not add your opinion though in the poll below!