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Wise Men Say: Episode 27 - The Big Show Before The Big Show

We thought we'd do a live pod before the final. It only seemed appropriate. If you missed it, then do not fret! We recorded it for you. That's just the kind of people we are...

Jamie McDonald

Well then. It's finally here. On Sunday we'll compete in our first cup final in bloody ages. It was only last night post podcast recording that it started to dawn on me what was going on. Saturday morning, off to London. In the words of Bob Stokoe, from that famous pre-73 team bus footage - "Wembley bound".

So, after we defeated Chelsea we said we'd do another live podcast if we got to the cup final. We got to the cup final, so we did a live podcast! You can't say we don't keep our word, can you?

It was another canny night, with #bantz galore. We had some fantastic guests, too. Making his WMS début was former Sunderland midfielder Gordon Armstrong. Along with some quality football knowledge, he brought some canny stories with him too.

We were also aided on the panel by A Love Supreme fanzine editor, Martyn McFadden and The Sunderland Echo's Chris Young. Both have graced the pod on a number of occasions, and they deliver on quality content as you'd expect.

I'll keep this relatively brief. I assume you'll be busy reading everything else on the site in preparation for the big day. But whilst you're reading, or travelling, fill your ears with some hot podcast action.

So get on it on iTunes (HERE) or just use the SoundCloud Player below to listen...