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Roker Rhymes: Cup Final Special

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Remember when Dan Williams used to pop in with a spot of poetry? Well we've dragged him out of retirement for the big game to drop this little Cup Final ditty on us...

Scott Heavey

So here it comes,
We're approaching the big day.
The wait is finally over,
Cheesy chips on Wembley Way.

It was almost all over before it started,
MK Dons scored twice, and Paolo nearly sharted.
But a quick blast from his front men,
And the franchise were departed.

The crazy Italian had gone,
By the time of the second round.
Peterborough came to town,
Bally's men we're third round bound.

Things can only get better,
We were singing from the stand.
'Trust me fellas, I've got this one'
Under Poyet we'd be grand.

Two goals up against Southampton,
Had the SOL bubbling to the brim.
Kelvin Davis picking the ball out the net,
Christ... Remember him?

It may have needed extra time,
And a late, late normal time goal.
But Ki sent us to the semi final,
After Borini got us out of a hole.

The match is question was Chelsea,
As the millionaires came to town.
And the result went on to suggest,
That the Premier League is upside down.

Next up Manchester United.
Two games from Wembley Way.
But really, it's only United.
Can't we play them everyday?

The result was never in doubt,
He says with a cheeky grin.
Giggs knocked one in with his zimmer frame,
Borini smashed his penalty in.

The second leg was chaos,
Arms and legs cascading all around.
As we sneaked through after penalty kicks,
And took over Manchester United's ground.

Dare to dream, they all told us,
We've waited for this since '73.
Evoke the spirit of Porterfield,
Now with Borini, Johnson and Ki.

Back then they took over Wembley,
All scarves and banners and rattle.
Out in force to watch their boys,
Smash Leeds in an epic battle.

Now it's our turn to hit London,
Chests pushed out, lungs full of air.
Filling our bags with cans and cans,
To go take over Trafalgar Square.

We're now only 90 minutes from glory,
Five thousand four hundred seconds until celebration beckons.
Bite one hand in your mouth, other one raised in the air,
Let's all do the Borini, on the trip down there.

It doesn't get much bigger than this,
And our lads are on the way
We've had enough of the supposed big boys,
Time for Sunderland to have their say.

So here it comes,
We're approaching the big day.
The wait is finally over,
Cheesy chips on Wembley Way.

Dan Williams.