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Trafalgar Square Party Pooped

Any Sunderland fans looking to meet up at Trafalgar Square for a party on Saturday night will have to find somewhere else to go.


Sunderland fans' hopes of partying it up on Saturday night in Trafalgar Square, as is custom, have been shelved as the local council have confirmed that the area will play host to a Russian festival instead.

Trafalgar Square will instead play host to "Maslentisa" which is a traditional Russian religious festival apparently. Not being Russian or religious in any way myself I couldn't tell you what it's about at all, but a glance to Wikipedia seems to suggest it's something a bit like Pancake Day.

Sunderland fans will have to find somewhere else now, and speculation is now mounting that Covent Garden, a mere half-mile from Trafalgar Square, will be the destination of choice.

If you're interested in seeing where people will be then head to the Sunderland forums and make your own plans.

It's a shame that this has happened, but it's something that can't be helped. Wherever Sunderland fans end up it's likely to be a cracking atmosphere.