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Striker Winning Final Fitness Race

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Steven Fletcher could be involved at Wembley as Gus Poyet revealed he's close to fitness.

Clive Mason

Steven Fletcher is closing in on a return to fitness in time for Sunday's Capital One Cup final at Wembley Stadium, Gus Poyet has revealed.

Speaking with the media yesterday, Poyet said he was tempted to involve the striker against Arsenal, but ultimately relented;

If he had been on the bench and he could have played 20 minutes, then we would have put him in.

But I didn't want to have that dilemma of making him play more than he should.

You can always get another injury as the main striker.

He trained with us on Saturday, and he's a possibility for the team at the weekend.

If Fletcher is involved on Sunday it's likely that he'll be involved from the bench having had such a long spell out the side.

Fellow striker Jozy Altidore is misfiring at the moment but is widely expected to retain a starting position, with Fabio Borini and Adam Johnson cutting in from the wings.

If Altidore is however left out, and it would be understandable if he was, then it's more likely that Borini would be through the middle with Emanuele Giaccherini coming into the side ahead of Fletcher.

Whatever happens though it can't hurt to have Fletcher back and involved despite his own lack of scoring this season. He's certainly a good option from the bench and could find his groove again at any moment.