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Wise Men Say Podcast: Episode 26 - Mangan Style

All ye of red and white persuasion , it's time to download or stream this week's latest WMS podcast.

Paul Thomas

Cup fever has hit Wearside! Ok I'm , probably a bit late with that one but ha'way, we're surely the best cup team in the history of all time. Despite there being only around fifty seven people in attendance according to some outlets, including those at BT Sport who had a huge hand in making it so, people went home happy with another great cup performance.

We were great all over the park in fairness, meaning Giaccherini, Vergini and Gardner all receive praise from the panel next this week. Kind of. Not so much Gardner in the case of some people anyway. What a goal though, eh?

The evergreen James Hunter from the Evening Chronicle joins us in the studio to offer his opinions into just how Sunderland can transfer this cup awesomeness into league awesomeness, and is joined by none of other than our favourite football writing accountant thingy type person, our very own Chris Weatherspoon.

Now, I do realise that we've been decent in the league since our messiah, Mr. Poyet, strolled into town with his logic and his tactical awareness and his coaching ability and his charisma and his...Ok you get the picture. So we do discuss his brilliance once more on this week's show, therefore we'd really like you to tune in and listen, if you may.

Andrew Mangan from the very popular joined us on the phone all the way from Ireland, becoming the first international guest on the WMS podcast. A great guest he was too, although the only way you'll find out just how good he was regarding all things Gooners is to tune in and listen. So bloody well do it already.

So get on it on iTunes (HERE) or just used the SoundCloud Player below to listen...