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Roker Riches: Our Betting Tips For The Gunners

Sunderland travel to Arsenal for their most important match taking place in North London this season. Here's what our team think will happen.

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Paul Gilham
Pundit Last Week's Profit/Loss Current Balance
Simon Walsh N/A £77.00
Stephen Goldsmith N/A £69.00
Luke Bowley N/A £65.16
Dave Boyle N/A £30.00
Nick Holden N/A £7.62
Craig Clark N/A £1.70
Karl Jones N/A £0

Because of last weeks extreme bout of weather, I've decided to null and void all bets made before last week's cancelled match against Man City, as very few matches were actually played. So let's get straight onto this weekend's matches:

Simon Walsh

I, like Gus, think this is an excellent match to warm up for the cup final with. I can see us getting something too. We're much better away from home for no apparent reason, so I think a draw will be on the cards. The current Betfair betting odds are generous too.

Elsewhere I'm gonna go for a cluster of clubs around us to win, because that also tends to be the case that a good result on paper for us rarely is in reality.

  • Sunderland & Arsenal to draw - 9/2 - £2 Stake
  • Crystal Palace and Cardiff both to win - 17/1 - £3 Stake

Luke Bowley

It's a massively out of sorts Arsenal that Sunderland face this Saturday and so you'd think if we gave it a go we'd stand a good chance. But in all honestly, does anyone actually give a shit about this one? We're at Wembley next week in case you've forgotten and I just want to get this inevitable 2-0 defeat out of the way. I could go for a 2-0 Arsenal win bet, but that would suggest I'm taking this match seriously. So I'm going for an own goal to be scored, by Nicklas Bendtner, as an acknowledgement that he played the best football of his career at Sunderland.

Elsewhere I'm going for Atheltic Bilbao to beat Real Betis because Real Betis are bottom and Athletic Bilbao are fourth.

  • Arsenal v Sunderland: an own goal to be scored - 11/1 - 50p stake
  • Bilbao to beat Real Betis - 7/5 - £10 stake