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Poyet Urges Side To Dictate Tempo Against Tired Gunners

Gus is feeling in ruthless mood ahead of tough tip to the the Emirates.

Gareth Copley

Gus Poyet has vowed that there will be no 'parking the bus' when Sunderland take to the pitch at Arsenal this weekend.

The Uruguayan is keen to try and take advantage of any tiredness the Gunners will carry over from their Champions League struggles against Bayern Munich in midweek, as well as believing the game to be ideal preparation for the following week's Capital One Cup final.

He told reporters:

We are going to play to win.

If the game is a high tempo and we can try to control it, it could give us an advantage at the end.

We are going to play the same way we have been doing, but it's a great opportunity to see what we can do in the big stadium against one of the best teams.

I don't think you can prepare better for a final than going to Arsenal.

It will give us a great opportunity to see whether we can play in a certain way against Manchester City.

It's not often that we hear a Sunderland manager talking about going away to the top clubs and actually having a go. Then again, it isn't often that we hear a Sunderland manager talking about cup final preparations. The rule-book is pretty much out of the window at the moment.

Has Arsenal's midweek disappointment and efforts with ten men made them vulnerable for this game? I don't think I'd ever describe Arsenal as vulnerable.

However, the defeatist mentality with which lower table sides usually take to the top clubs is hugely irritating. I'd say you have more chance of getting something by having a go than you do if you just try to defend for 90 minutes and hope for a point.

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