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Information Regarding Flying Your Wembley Flags

Please see below for advice regarding Wembley Stadium's policy on flags ahead of the Capital One Cup final.

Mark Runnacles

The club have issued the following information which should be of interest to fans headed to Wembley:

Ahead of next month's Capital One Cup final, Wembley Stadium has issued advice to Sunderland AFC supporters wishing to bring flags to the game.

The Black Cats have been allocated the east end of the stadium which is expected to be a sea of red and white for the final.

Fans are encouraged to show their colours but must be aware that Wembley Stadium staff will only allow flags into the stadium which are permitted under the ground regulations.

Any person wanting to take flags into Wembley Stadium needs to be aware that the maximum size permitted is 250 centimetres at the widest point of the flag, and flagpoles must be no longer than 1 metre.

If groups of supporters wish to take a crowd surfing flag they should contact SAFC's Supporter Liaison Officer on

For a comprehensive guide to visiting Wembley Stadium, including designated SAFC fan pubs, a travel guide and useful FAQ page, visit

Also worth adding to make sure any souvenir flags you are offered for shockingly extortionate prices from chancers outside the stadium comply with the above regulations too.

Let's get as many flags in the ground as we can, though. Would be great to see the Sunderland end of Wembley an ocean of flying red and white flags.

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