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Full Back Set To Cap Comeback With International Recall

The good things just continue to come for reformed-character Bardo.

Michael Regan

Phil Bardsley is set to complete his career resurrection by earning a recall to the Scotland squad following almost two-years out of favour, according to a report in The Scotsman.

The full back last played for his adopted country against the USA in May 2012, and his rollercoaster club career since then has been very well documented by now. You know, casino, £50 notes, instagram etc. We don't have to go into it yet again really.

In my opinion, he absolutely deserved the disdain that his misdemeanors last year brought him, as well as the criticism his performances on the pitch that directly preceded them.

However, it is far more important and relevant to stress that since then he has absolutely deserved the commendations he has received for his attitude. He has absolutely deserved the credit he has received for his performances. He has absolutely deserved the special moments he has enjoyed in the cup run especially.

Should he indeed receive another shot at international football, he will have absolutely deserved that too.