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Time To End The Obsession With Obsession

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Look, they're obsessed with us!... Nah, YOU are the ones who are obsessed with US!... Oh let's just stop being stupid and call the whole thing off.

Stu Forster

Just what is it about a certain section of Sunderland fans which seem at time unable to enjoy a moment in it's most simple form?

By which I mean winning against our local rivals isn't enough. Being at Wembley for a cup final for the first time in 22-years isn't enough. There needs to be yet another factor added to things.

That extra factor is it seems to be constantly wondering how those up-the-road are feeling about anything we do.

There's a sub-section that are annoying the hell out of me by even entertaining them.

I take as much pleasure in Sunderland beating the hell out of the Mags as anyone else. The most recent 3-0 victory was incredible. I just as much as anyone else wish we'd hit them into double figures. However by the time the next match rolls around it almost ceases to be relevant.

I say almost. Of course we can still enjoy the feeling, but the point of hammering it home to the unfortunate lot who support them kind of loses it's edge.

The same goes for when we got to Wembley and the Capital One Cup Final -- there were Mags who were outraged... And what? Let them be.

By no means should we be seeking these people out to laugh at, don't you think that's exactly what they want?

People are heading straight to places like Twitter to retweet angry Newcastle fans who are outraged that Sunderland did something they didn't. Equally thousands are tuning into the "True Geordie" on YouTube to see his reaction, rather than being happy with our most recent achievement.

This extends to as recently as this weekend and our FA Cup win against Southampton, a competition in which Newcastle are no longer part of.

There's an incredible irony that people seem to be completely missing, and that is that there's an obsession with obsession.

Minutes after the full-time whistle I'm seeing a timeline of angry Geordies, which is weird given I don't follow any.

Admittedly some are funny, mainly on account of the level of verbatim combined with illiteracy, but to the great many who point out "look man, they're obsessed with us"... erm... aren't we also obsessed with them in hunting these down and showcasing them?

As I said before,I don't mind taking the piss out of them. I don't mind the occasionally maligned "Cheesy Chips On Wembley Way" song being sung, nor do I mind the odd anti-Newcastle chant -- so long as it's all in moderation and a break from focussing on Sunderland.

That's not how it is any more though. It seems that there's a sub-section of Sunderland fans who are immediately looking for something stupid a Mag has said so we can all laugh at them.

Can't we just leave them alone and let them stew in their own stupidity? I'm sure that would be much more annoying to them, that they didn't get the attention they so desperately crave, and an argument they wanted all along.

We should be looking at what we're doing, not what they think of it. Their opinion matters not one jot.

Perhaps I follow the wrong people but on Saturday afternoon I had a look and expected to see some comments on Lee Cattermole's magnificent performance, maybe something about Nacho Scocco's debut, Santiago Vergini's assuredness or what was in my opinion, Connor Wickham's awful decision making.

Instead there's a timeline of moronic jealousy from our noisy neighbours up the road, all claiming to point out that they are the ones obsessed with us. As much as I want to defend Sunderland fans to the hilt, I think we're just as in the wrong and just as stupid for giving them air time.

I say we leave them be. Let them stew in their own filth and don't give them the satisfaction of a retweet, a read, a view, and don't waste your time in engaging them in conversation.

That would ultimately piss them off much more than any half-witted argument ever could.

We're in a cup final, we're not far off making that two cup finals and there's a very good chance we'll still be in this league next season to give them our traditional battering.

Enjoy the moment. Don't be dragged down by idiots and let this obsession with who's obsessed with who come to an end.