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Poyet Planning To Make Players 'Crazy'

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Gus Poyet says he may need to make Sunderland's players crazy to take the cup form into the Premier League.

Paul Thomas

Sunderland racked up yet another home win in a cup competition, after defeating Southampton 1-0 in the FA Cup fifth round, but with the team struggling to pick up wins at home in the Premier League, head coach Gus Poyet is desperate to find a way of replicating the club's cup form in the Premier League.

Speaking after Sunderland qualified for the quarter final of the FA Cup, where they will face a trip to either his former side Brighton & Hove Albion or Steve Bruce's Hull City, Poyet said he has at a loss as to why the form in the cup is so much better than it is in the Premier League

It's incredible in the cup, I can't explain it. It's scary why we win every cup game and then in the league we don't. Is it because there's no pressure? That's an option.

I think there are lessons. Sometimes there is a mentality where we are still thinking that there's time in the league, but there isn't.

In looking for a way to resolve Sunderland's difference in form, Poyet is playing two strikers up front on a more regular basis, as well as making the players crazy by getting them to treat each game as if they are in the last chance saloon;

In the cup, you play a game and although you can have a replay, you play as if it's going to finish today. That craziness of, ‘Today, it can finish' - maybe we have to play the next home game in the league like that.

We have to play like today, this is it, otherwise we can go down.

We need to put that in the mind of the players and make them crazy and whatever happens happens. I don't know for sure, but that's an option.

Maybe we will put two strikers up and play different. I thought against Southampton we were ­technically very good, which we didn't see at home in games in the league. Are we more tense? Maybe it's nerves. It's up to the players.

Poyet knows Sunderland's season is on a knife-edge and is particularly looking for a change in form as he says his plans for his summer holiday will differ depending on whether we stay up or not;

You're telling me! I would like to book my holidays. If we go down I'm going to hide somewhere in the middle of Asia!

If we stay up, you will see me in every single paper on the beach somewhere famous.

The Uruguayan will have a chance to improve Sunderland's form when we travel to the Emirates on Saturday to take on an Arsenal side who have just scraped past Liverpool in the FA Cup and have what should be a monumental game against Bayern Munich in the Champions League in midweek, it may be a cliché but this really could be a good time to face what could be a tired and understrength Arsenal side.