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Sunderland Vs Southampton: Player Ratings

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It's my turn to don Roker Report's communal tin hat. You probably won't agree with all of this, but hey. Big Woop? Wanna fight about it? Actually no, no fighting. Just abuse me in the comments...

Paul Thomas

Oscar Ustari - 6

Another decent performance from the Argentine stopper. He made a decent save low down to his right early in the first half and dealt generally comfortably with most balls played into his area. He might be a little overconfident on with the ball at his feet though, and could have caused some bother a couple of times when playing the ball into tight areas.

He gets an extra half mark for falling on the ball like a nine year old imitating his favourite keeper in the back garden, though. Made me chuckle anyway.

Ondrej Celutska - 6

This was probably Ondrej's best game in a long while. Neat and tidy and dealt with most situations pretty comfortably. He was a willing forward threat too. Again though, his technical ability can let him down on occasions. It seems it can take him an age to sort his feet out at times, which slows promising situations down. Overall though, a decent effort from the Czech international.

Santiago Vergini - 7

I like the look of this lad, I really do. Nothing seems to phase the big lad. He trots about the back line, languidly spraying passes around, looking like he's been here for a long while. This guy was clearly Poyet's pick and you can see why. He looks like exactly the type of player who will thrive under Gus. He made one excellent last ditch challenge in the first half, and his long passing in particular impressed.

It would be interesting ton see how he got on against manchester City had that game gone ahead. If he has a good game against Arsenal next week, the gaffa will have some decisions to make come March 3rd.

John O'Shea - 7

I think John has been very good alongside Wes Brown, so it was nice to see him perform well alongside a relatively new addition. Defends well, organises well. Showed his quality and experience today.

Andrea Dossena - 6

I'm sure I wasn't the only one scratching my head when I saw this fellas name on the team sheet. But fair play to the lad. He was a threat going forward in the first half and was solid enough in the second. A decent return for the Italian, who has had a dubious spell at Sunderland from a performance perspective. Again though, fitness an issue. Looks like he's carrying an extra few pounds and is always knackered after 20 minutes.

Lee Cattermole - 9

You know what's coming...

Craig Gardner - 7

Was nice to see #GoodGuyGardner make an appearance in the second half. His pretty special strike won the game for Sunderland. Generally though, he didn't really put a great stamp on the game from an overall performance perspective. A decent shift, though.

Sebastian Larsson - 6

See Craig Gardner, minus the goal.

Emanuele Giaccherini - 7

This was the Italian international's best game in a while. Playing as part of a front three at times, he was a constant threat from the left in the first half. He might have had a goal hadn't Gardner kick the ball from his foot after some nice work. Second half he was functional, but quiet. Was good to see the little man have a decent game, because he'll be disappointed still with his profligacy against Kidderminster I'd imagine.

Fabio Borini - 7

Seemed to play more through the middle today, switching with Nacho Scocco from time to time. Force a good save from Kelvin Davis late on and should have been played in by Connor Wickham, too. He looked as sharp as we've come to expect recently. I still think he's better coming in from the flank, but a fine performance once more.

Ignatio Scocco - 6

I was looking forward to seeing this lad play. He showed some glimpses of quality, held the ball up at times too. Not as slight as I expected him to be. It was a neat and tidy debut and I think when he gets his fitness to the appropriate level he could be an asset. You can see how Poyet wants to use these types of players. There's a very definite role for Scocco in a fluid front three.

Marcos Alonso - 5

Just kept things solid. Nothing of real note.

Jack Colback - 5

Added some bite when he came on and provided a good chance for Borini. Canny.

Connor Wickham - 4

Oh, Connor. This may seems harsh to some. But he showed far too much greed when he could have played Borini in late on. He did okay aside from this. He was probably desperate to impress, but I think Gus may have been happier with him if he'd played for the team rather than himself when he had the chance to really influence the game.

He'd have had much more of a chance of putting pressure on the other forwards at the club if he'd just passed the ball. There's taking responsibility then there's being silly. That was silly.

Man Of The Match: Lee Cattermole

Absolutely top class from him today. Passed it well, defended well, bossed the middle of the park. He is an assets for us and I do believe that him and Bridcutt should be given the chance to pay together at some point. His performance today was reminder that he will be vital, particularly against Manchester City at Wembley. Best player on the park by a mile. Whilst I can only imagine the frothing over Southampton's England crop, Lee was the standout Englishman on the pitch today. Top class.