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Stopper Anticipates March Madness

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It's Vito Mannone again, who has said that March is now set to be even more difficult for Sunderland.

Jan Kruger

As well as looking back at the Manchester City postponement, Vito Mannone has also admitted the games we have to rearrange such as that game and the home game against West Bromwich Albion will make for an incredibly tough run of games in March.

We were thinking we were going into March with a lot of fixtures to come. Now we'll have quite a few more fixtures than the other relegation contenders which is going to be tough mentally.

We're down there in the bottom three and we haven't played as many as the rest. It's going to be difficult, we know that. But we need to stay positive and if we are playing every three days, we have to be on top of our game.

In our position, we need to get as many points as possible.

A little bit of stating the obvious in that we need to get as many points as possible, but a tough March set of fixtures, which includes the Capital One Cup, Liverpool, Crystal Palace, West Ham, Norwich and now potentially two more games means everyone will have to be at their best, and in good condition.

There are some winnable games which could pull us clear of the mire we're in. Notably Palace and West Ham, although both have been resurgent of late.

With at least twelve points on offer, plus a cup final. March looks like being a pivotal month.