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'Keeper Begrudgingly Accepts City Postponement

Sunderland 'keeper Vito Mannone thinks it was a good time to play Manchester City in the game which was ultimately cancelled.

Laurence Griffiths

Vito Mannone has begrudgingly accepted the postponement of Sunderland's clash with Manchester City on Wednesday night.

The Italian told reporters yesterday;

It's disappointing for the team. We were ready to play the game. Maybe it would have been a good time to play Man City- who knows? It's a shame for the fans because they travel so far to see us. But if the police decide it's dangerous, then it's best to stop the game and not put people in trouble.

I happen to agree that it was a good time to play Manuel Pellegrini's side, what with their injury problems and bigger fish on the horizon.

Not only that but with the weather horrendous, it was very much a leveler for us as whilst we're easier on the eye now under Gus Poyet, it would have undoubtedly disrupted the home side much more.

But unfortunately that's life, we can move on to the game against Southampton tomorrow and hopefully feel a little fresher than our opposition who traveled to Hull during the midweek round of fixtures to pick up a 1-0 win.