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Wise Men Podcast: Episode 25 - A Write Off!

It's that time again already to download or stream the finest podcast around. If you're a Sunderland fan that is!

Chris Brunskill

Was a bit tricky getting through this week's podcast with one eye on the phone. I was anticipating the other half getting in touch with news of our soon to be latest family member beginning to make an untimely appearance. Apologies if I'm a bit flighty throughout (even more than normal).

The content is a bit thin in all honesty. Gus Poyet has suggested the Hull game should be a write off in terms of analysis. Hard to argue with that. What it has done, however, is nudged us back into the relegation zone a week after being the self-proclaimed best team in the world. Is the fixture pile up a problem? Or does it break up a difficult group of fixtures quite nicely? Oh, did I mention that we're in the bottom three again?


Or not?

We talk about all this, if you failed to see where I was going with it, and a whole lot more. Actually, not that much more. The Man City game was an actual write off due to some ridiculously high winds. Hmmm. No, I'll spare you some sort of Wizard of Oz link, it just doesn't work. On any level.

Tom Lynn who used to edit the (very good) fanzine The Wearside Roar joined our very own Craig Clark in the studio this week to try and create enough conversation deemed suitable for a podcast.

Am I selling this very well?

As this is about the 11th time we've faced Southampton this season, there's not a lot we don't know about them. We try and find out some stuff out anyway and turned to Sam Dobson who has his own website SaintsHub. From a SAFC perspective, we all get excited about Scocco, hoping he's more Phillips than Prica when it comes to (reasonably) unknown centre forwards signing for the club.

You can subscribe on iTunes or stream it right here below. Do listen. Gin an.