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Scocco Set For Sunderland Debut

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Nachos may be on the Sunderland menu this weekend.

Richard Sellers

Ignacio Scocco will make his Sunderland debut against Southampton this week in the FA Cup.

According to Gus Poyet, the Argentinian was always amongst those in line to feature against the Saints, and the midweek postponement of the Premier League clash with Manchester City has not altered his plans. He told the Sunderland Echo:

I was looking forward to giving a few players opportunities and that will not change. We have a few players who need to play and deserve to play, but for different reasons, they haven't been able to.

I'm talking about players like [Emmanuele] Giaccherini and Scocco. They both need minutes, so we're going to use that game for this.

But it will all be first-team players, we will not be taking the game lightly. I hope that we win it so we don't have to play a replay.

It will be good to see Scocco in action and see if he can provide some precious penetration against a supremely organised side.

Getting the answers to the tactical question of just where Scocco will be used is also something to look forward to. Almost every expert has told us that he can't play up front on his own in England, yet Poyet has insisted that he sees him as 'a striker'.

Interesting times.