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Sunderland Youngster Gets Kick Out Of Wing Play

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Duncan Watmore endured a painful start to his Hibernian loan spell, but that's just fine by him.

Nigel Roddis

Duncan Watmore insists he is happy to be kicked off the park every week - because it's indicative of him doing his job right.

The youngster made his debut for Hibernian last week and made a fine impression despite defeat, with three Raith payers going into the book for fouls on the winger. But he says he gets 'satisfaction' from the physical side of the game, as it usually means he has the beating of defenders.

He told reporters:

It's a compliment. I know I'm doing my job if players bring me down and get booked for it.

I was aching all over on Saturday night, with ice everywhere. I took a sore one on my foot, in particular. I've been kicked about a bit - and it's about getting used to it.

There's always people complaining about too many fouls being given for hardly any tackling, and I don't really mind the physical side of the game. It's part and parcel of how you play, especially the winger who tries to beat people. If you're doing that successfully, it's almost a satisfaction if you get kicked about.

They did get booked three times, so I felt like I was protected. I suppose I'll just have to see if it continues. If it does, it won't bother me. As long as I'm doing my job for the team, I don't care if I get kicked.

Any time you hear Watmore speak, he always comes off very impressively. He is clearly a very intelligent lad - who is still studying at university, in fact - and there barely seems to be even a suggestion of ego about him.

You can't help but love this attitude towards the game either. Attacking players taking opponents on is what fans want to see, and part of that is seeing a defender slowly lose his head or be beaten all-ends-up into a foul. During his cameo in the FA Cup against Carlisle, he caused a buzz in the crowd with just about every touch.

As for his Sunderland future:

I don't think I'm ready for the Sunderland first team. For my development, the next stage was definitely to come and get first-team experience.

It's [the loan] a stepping stone.

I'm pretty sure that of all the players currently away on loan, Watmore is the one we'll be keeping an eye on with most interest.