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Poyet Backs Postponement, But It Could Be A Real Pain

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Is the spectre of Wigan starting to loom ever larger over Sunderland?

Laurence Griffiths

Gus Poyet says he can understand why Sunderland's Premier League game with Manchester City was postponed after storm conditions battered the north west.

He told the

The bottom line was the police needed to make a strong decision.

There had been too many incidents around the stadium and it would have been very difficult to maintain the security in terms of the fans and the approaches to the ground.

You can't really start delaying the kick-off with the danger of things getting worse - there were things flying around the stadium.

We were ready to play, but we understand that people have to make a decision and we totally support that.

He is right, of course. There really is no need to take any chances and there were reports of genuinely dangerous incidents surrounding the Etihad. Always better to be safe than sorry.

The worry now, though, is the fixture pile-up, and it is becoming a very big worry indeed.

The game with West Bromwich Albion has already been postponed due to the League Cup Final (okay, that's the kind of reason for rearranging fixtures that we can definitely get on board with), and should FA Cup progression be achieved the game with Liverpool on March 10th will need to be rearranged too. There could even be a FA cup replay thrown in there somewhere too.

Even as things stand, it's going to make for a really hectic run-in when the pressure of the relegation scrap will be at its height. For the next few weeks, you get the feeling that, in terms of the league, it will mostly be all about watching rivals and praying they don't get too far ahead. Tense times. Very tense.