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Confirmed: Manchester City Vs Sunderland Called Off

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There are storms about, apparently...

Laurence Griffiths

Sunderland's Premier League game with Manchester City has been called off due to 'unsafe' weather conditions in the north west.

The sides were due for a 7:45pm kick-off but howling gales and relentless rain has left police advising nobody to travel in Manchester unless the journey is absolutely necessary. That doesn't extend to football, apparently, which pretty much challenges everything we believe.

Seriously, though, safe journey to those heading home and we'll keep you informed for news on the rescheduling of the fixture. It's not ideal, but I suppose such things happen.

Also, to answer in advance, Wes Brown should still be available for Wembley. His suspension will be for the Southampton and Arsenal games. You know, weather permitting.