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Poyet Loves Borini; Actually Says 'Mama-Mia'

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In case anyone was wondering if Gus loves Fabio, then wonder no more.

Jan Kruger

Fabio Borini is a 'special character' according to Gus Poyet, who has given the on-loan forward a recommendation so glowing that all that was really missing was a song.

Borini was the unlucky player to be withdrawn in the fourth minute against Hull after Wes Brown's red card, but it wasn't due to his manager not rating him. He told the Sunderland Echo:

He’s a very special character that would be in any eleven in any team.

Mama-mia, he had an unbelievable game the other day in the derby.

He fights to take penalties and the runs he was making on Debuchy were amazing.

He was really a top performer and he’s always ready to play, ready to train.

If he’s got some pain, he doesn’t care, he just wants to play and score goals.

Fabio Borini has been one of the real surprises of the season for me. He was essentially the deadline day replacement for Stephane Sessegnon, but he is far more consistent and produces more. In fact, he has probably been the most consistent attacking threat this season.

It's good to see him getting a little love after he drew the short straw last week.