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Short Pulled Plug On Midfielder Deal

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Ellis Short pulled the plug on Lee Cattermole's proposed transfer to Stoke City late in the transfer window.

Tim Keeton

It's been revealed that Ellis Short pulled the plug on Lee Cattermole's proposed deadline day transfer to Stoke City.

Manager Gus Poyet has told reporters today that having talked to the quiet American, there was no hesitation on keeping the combative midfielder;

It was a big decision with Lee and it was a credit to the chairman.

The question was ‘do you need Lee Cattermole?' I said yes I do. ‘Well he's going nowhere,' he said.

That doesn't happen a lot in football because it was not easy to turn down that offer.

That's when you need someone to ask you the right question at the right time.

Recently Peter Coates from Stoke went on the record as saying he felt Sunderland had messed him about. That appears to be as everyone suspected, nothing more than the words of a sore loser.

We need Cattermole, we don't need to sell, go find yourself somebody else.

It's difficult to see Cattermole ousting Liam Bridcutt any time soon, but we do need competition and of course someone to play in the forthcoming Capital One Cup Final.

From a personal perspective, I'm very glad Cattermole stays at the club. He's a fine player, and we'd be worse off without him, and without the depth he brings to the midfield now we have Bridcutt. If Sunderland ever want to progress we need good competition and we can't be a one in, one out club.