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Roker Riches: Betting Tips For Midweek Trip

Sunderland travel to the Etihad this mid-week for a tough game against League Cup Final opposition Manchester City. Here's where we're placing our bets for it.

A 'f**king old c**t'
A 'f**king old c**t'
Jamie McDonald
Pundit Last Week's Profit/Loss Current Balance
Simon Walsh -£5.00 £77.00
Stephen Goldsmith N/A £69.00
Luke Bowley N/A £65.16
Dave Boyle -£14.78 £30.00
Nick Holden -£6.00 £7.62
Craig Clark £5.50 £1.70
Karl Jones N/A £0

Wes Brown's early red card messed up most of our team's bets last week, with any chance of a Sunderland win scuppered pretty much there and then.

It was pretty slim pickings elsewhere, with only Craig Clark making any money predicting both Crystal Palace and West Ham to get results, because unlike the rest of you sorry poseurs, he knows the two club's respective managers play football 'the right way'. This takes Craig out of the red in terms of his current balance.

Onto this week's selections:

Simon Walsh

The weekend was pretty disastrous. On and off the pitch, but thankfully for both my gambling habit and for Gus Poyet, there's a chance to put things right this midweek. Okay, so it's a slim chance against Manchester City, but it's a chance.

Call me an idiot here, but the odds on a Sunderland sneaky win are far, far too tempting. Not many would have had us beating Everton earlier in the season, so the impossible isn't all that impossible. 1-0 Sunderland win at 40/1? Aye, I'm sold.

Elsewhere I'm going for a treble on Aston Villa, West Ham and Stoke for no apparent reason.

  • Sunderland to beat Manchester City 1-0 - 40/1 - £2 Stake
  • Aston Villa, West Ham and Stoke all to win - 17/1 - £3 Stake

David Boyle

Fair to say I didn't have the best of weekends in the punting stakes with Sunderland costing me big style as they slipped up and threw away what was a golden opportunity for a vital three points. Gus Poyet couldn't have wished for a worse fixture as his side now travel to the Etihad which has often been an absolute fortress and something of a sacrificial altar with Sunderland the latest lambs to the slaughter...

Or is it a little more complicated than that?

Honestly I can't see City losing two Premier League games in a row and can see the home side winning, although I can see the Black Cats getting on the scoresheet.

Sticking with this market I also like the look of Southampton to win at Hull with both teams scoring and I might as well chuck in Villa to win at Cardiff in this market too for a very nicely priced double.

  • Manchester City to win with both teams to score - 15/8 - £2.50 Stake
  • Southampton to beat Hull with both teams to score and Aston Villa to beat Cardiff with both teams to score - 42/1 - £1.50 Stake

Craig Clark

Manchester City have gone two league games without a win, scoring in neither match. Someone is going to be punished for that. Oh, they've got us up next, at home? Wonderful! To be honest, I expect us to lose as I'm sure most supporters to do, but I'm not so sure it'll be a huge thumping. I don't expect us to score though.

Elsewhere, betting on Villa has seen me right in recent weeks, be it backing them or the team they're playing, so I'll stick with them. Unlike David and Simon, I don't quite fancy them enough to win, but I reckon they'll get at least a draw. West Ham - Norwich has under 2.5 goals written all over it.

  • Manchester City v Sunderland - Both Teams To Score - No - 8/11 - £10 stake
  • Villa to win or draw against Cardiff & under 2.5 goals in West Ham - Norwich - 17/10 - £10 stake

Luke Bowley

Yaya Toure is fortunate to be available for this game after pulling a Father Ted and kicking Ricky Van Wolfswinkle up the arse. It's a move that smacks of favoritism given a recent ban to Craig Bellamy for a similar incident, and the decision not to rescind Andy Carroll's red card against Swansea. Van Wolfswinkle himself has said he's happy that Toure wasn't banned, proving beyond all doubt that modern footballers are boring, and have no sense of entertainment, but I think Sunderland won't be happy with it come the end of the game, as these things inevitablyend with the player scoring, and everyone going batshit on Twitter afterwards.

Elsewhere, despite Sheffield United's cup heroics against Fulham, which definitely wasn't a 'giant-killing' by the way because it's Fulham, they have a tricky game against Brentford coming up. The Bees, who, I've just realised while typing have probably the shittest nickname in the football league, are going well in League 1, and are at good odds to win this one.

  • Yaya Toure to score anytime - 7/4 - £3 stake
  • Brentford to beat Sheffield United - 13/10 - £10 stake