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Sunderland Fans In 'Unprecedented' Scramble For Wembley Tickets

It's all gone a bit bonkers at the ticket office!

Laurence Griffiths


SAFC is thanking fans for their patience today as it emerged that the club has been inundated with over 80,000 calls today from fans trying to secure their Wembley ticket in phase two of the sales process.

Every season card holder is guaranteed a ticket and season card holders have until 12noon on Saturday (15th February) to purchase.

SAFC commercial director Gary Hutchinson said: "We are experiencing unprecedented levels of demand on our call centre and ticket office and thank fans for the patience and good humour they have shown. With such phenomenal demand inevitably some people will not be able to get through on phone lines and we'd advise fans to avoid busy periods where possible. Every season card holder is guaranteed a ticket so no-one will miss out."

Crikey, if the club thought Phase One was bad...

Incredible support, as always. Apparently the queues at Black Cat House, as well as the switchboards, were quite the spectacular sight! Great to see such excitement around the club again.

But I think the message has to be 'calm down!'. If you qualify for phase two at all, you are getting a ticket. There is one at the ticket office already waiting for you simply to claim. It's not like a home game where you claim your specific seat on the system on a first-come first-served basis.

Have a drink and get the cigars out, if you're a season ticket holder you're going to Wembley regardless of when you actually get to smell your ticket in your hand!