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Bridcutt Backs Defender Over Red Card Decision

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It was a challenge Brown 'had to make', says Liam.

Chris Brunskill

Wes Brown was in an impossible position and was forced into the challenge for which he received an early red card against Hull, says midfielder Liam Bridcutt.


The incident saw Sunderland reduced to ten men just four minutes into the game, rendering it 'impossible to anlayse' to Gus Poyet. But Bridcutt has sympathy for Brown and has backed him to bounce back. He told the Journal:

Wes had to make that challenge. It is a challenge he had to make.

Wes is an experienced player and a top player. He will bounce back from it easily.

You are always disappointed losing a game. All the boys were disappointed.

We know we've made it a little bit harder for ourselves now, but we have great players in the dressing room and a great leader with John [O'Shea] and the manager.

I think the manager will pick us back up now and we'll go again.

There looks to be a lot of player-speak in there and you'd expect them to offer their public backing to each other. You'd hope they did too. It's a hallmark of a healthy dressing room.

I personally disagree that he 'had' to make the challenge, but I've also spoken to plenty of fans who have echoed Bridcutt's comments above.

Completely agree with the rest of the sentiments, though. No point in dwelling. We've been in much more precarious positions this season. Onwards and upwards.